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Guide on How To Block Gambling Sites in the UK

Author: Roy Brindley

Gambling Blockers GuideAccording to The Guardian, in 2017 the number of problem gamblers in the UK was close to reaching the half a million mark. You might have tried to stop gambling a couple of times, but still, find it challenging. Or, are tired of seeing gambling ads, even when you’ve been attempting to block them a couple of times? Our iGaming experts have created a simple guide on how you can stop all gambling sites from sending you promotional material.

There are both paid and free gambling blockers that you can use to block yourself from accessing all sites in the UK and also those casinos licensed outside the United Kingdom. There are also options for players who’d like a 24-hour break or those players who never want to gamble again. The choice is yours to make and you are not alone. Taking action sooner rather than later reduces the damage.

However, before you make your choice, it’s important to know which factors to consider. This also includes the future implications of your decision. In this guide, we’ll go over these options:

  • Signing up at Gamstop
  • Download and using BetBlocker
  • Using Gamban
  • Banning gambling sites via your WiFi router
  • Restricting access via your mobile carrier
  • Blocking gambling transactions
  • Some of the most important questions that other players ask us

How to Block Gambling Sites for Free?

Gambling sites can be quite stubborn when it comes to advertising. Recently, some casinos have even been showing ads to problem gamblers who are looking for help on how to opt into self-exclusion products. If you need to protect yourself from clicking those bait ads, there are several free methods that you can use to block gambling sites. It’s a huge relief knowing that you can access all the following options quickly and efficiently.

  • Sign Up at Gamstop: Gamstop is an excellent tool for UK players who’d like to self-exclude from all gambling sites that are registered by the UKGC. The upside of signing up on Gamstop is that the service is quick, completely free, and quite effective. The downside is that you’ll still be able to access casinos that are not on Gamstop scheme. These overseas casinos and sports betting sites without Gamstop are hard to resist for some problem gamblers.
  • Download BetBlocker: BetBlocker enables online casino players to block more than 6700 gambling websites using apps on the phone. This software block betting sites is compatible with Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Unlike Gamstop, the BetBlocker app also covers overseas gambling sites that don’t fall under UKGC jurisdiction. If you usually play on several devices, you’ll be happy to know that you can install the app on an unlimited number of gadgets.
  • Try Gamban – Top Gambling Blocker: Specially designed for keeping users safe, Gamban is a top-rated gambling blocker to ban casino sites and bookies. The app blocks more than 40,000 gambling sites, including those that are not under UKGC jurisdiction. Gamban can also even block Facebook gambling games, deposits from individual banks, and other related content. But this blocker has some draws that include the presence of some non Gamban online casino sites that available for UK punters. Players can install the free version of the tool on Android, Windows, and iOS mobile devices in a few easy steps.
  • Ban via Router: One advanced technique to stop all gambling sites for more tech-savvy players is to ban them from your WiFi router. You can enter the IP addresses of the websites or use the parental controls on your router. An added benefit of banning gambling sites via your router is that any children in the house will also be protected from underage gambling issues. It’s also a flexible option if you decide to play later.
  • Restrict Access via Mobile Carriers: Many mobile carriers in the UK offer their customers an opportunity to use network-level filtering and block all gambling sites on the phone. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about additional software or complicated settings. Banning all online casinos worldwide via your mobile carrier also ensures that you’ll be able to filter the content on all your devices. You can even reverse the ban when you feel like you’re ready to play again.
  • Block gambling transactions: More banks in the UK are now allowing their customers to block any gambling-related transactions from their cards. Players can simply contact customer support to access this feature. In this drive to help customers to stop gambling online, banks like Halifax, Barclays, HSBC, and Santander also have apps that offer support to vulnerable customers. These apps also keep track of your spending so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your online gambling.

How to Block Gambling Sites

💲 How do I block gambling websites?

There is no single best way to block gambling websites. Instead, you should use several methods to restrict your access to online casinos and betting sites. The first and simplest method is to download a free gambling blocker. You can also block gambling sites via your ISP or WiFi router. Another popular way is to self-exclude from all UK-registered gambling sites using Gamstop. The method mentioned above is more reliable using additional blocking software as there are some ways that help to get around Gamstop.

💲 How to stop online gambling software?

The methods available to stop online gambling software are mostly similar to those you can use to block gambling websites. As almost every gambling software requires an internet connection to function, you can restrict their access by blocking them through your mobile carrier. You can also install blocking tools like Gamban and BetBlocker to stop gambling software from running on your devices.

💲 How to block gambling ads?

Gambling blocking apps provide a certain level of relief from gambling ads. Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter also allow customers to adjust the types of ads that they’d like to see. Google also has a feature where customers can mute ads of a similar nature. So, if you see a gambling advert, you can ensure that similar ads are limited in future.

💲 What is the best gambling blocker?

The best gambling blocker depends on individual requirements and preferences. Some blocking software has extra features, such as allowing players to maintain self-exclusion for different periods. The best free gambling blockers include Gamban and BetBlocker. Gamblock and BetFilter are some of the best paid gambling blockers, as they can block several proxies and attempt to go around them. They can also block gambling-related keywords.

💲 What is the best free tool to ban betting operators?

The first line of defence that you can use to ban betting operators is to simply unsubscribe to their marketing material. If that doesn’t seem to work, you can always change your mobile operator settings to block European gambling platforms and content. Another option would be to install blocking software. There is a wide variety of free and paid options, so you’ll find one that works for you.

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