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Gambling Blockers

Author: Bradley Oliva

Gambling Blockers

Gambling blockers are basically self-exclusion schemes that help you resist your online wagering activities for a certain period of time. There are many gambling blockers available that allow you to put restraints on international gambling websites. There is a wide variation in the use of gambling blockers from country to country or jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You can use gambling blockers to help you become more disciplined and competent in using free will and rationale. Having registered for working gambling blockers means you cannot access platforms that are associated with the self-exclusion scheme part of the specific gambling blocker.


The National Online Scheme Limited’s GamStop program helps you reduce your online gambling activities. A free service for residents of the United Kingdom that prevents access to gaming companies licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Once signed up for GamStop self-exclusion can only be canceled following the completion of the selected minimum period.

In order to help you reduce your gambling, GamStop offers you practical controls, gambling support, emotional support, and debt support. When you sign up for complimentary access, you will not be able to access gambling websites or apps that are licensed in Great Britain. To avoid GamStop restrictions you are advised to use casino websites without GamStop block.


Since GamBlock founding in the year 2000, it has been safeguarding bettors against the dangers of unrestrained gambling. The company claims to use sophisticated analyses to permit it to block newfangled gambling bookies and software. You cannot access any sort of online gambling once this program has been installed or applied. Platforms across the board are supported. Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad are among the platforms supported by Gamblock. However, the software has a tendency to not work properly and even crash on several devices. Also, the overprotective behavior of Gamblock is very irritating.


In public testing, Betfilter filtered and blocked access to gambling at non-UK registered casinos and free gaming services in any device during the solicited licensing period (1-2 years) to help the recovering compulsive gambler prevent any potential temptations while still maintaining their normal lifestyles. You will be charged $69.95 for one year’s license with Betfilter. You cannot uninstall Betfilter during the license period. The technology behind Betfilter does not utilize keywords or DNS blockers to achieve effectiveness; it simply detects and blocks gambling sites and extensions that are capable of harming you.


You can block thousands of websites that offer to gamble. GamBan is pretty easy to install. GamBan is software that allows for the blocking of online gambling on all devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. The GamBan application can easily be downloaded from Apple’s Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on which platform you use. We recommend checking the GamBan casino compatibility on GamBan before you purchase. To get around GamBan restrictions you must use betting sites not registered with GamBan.


Alternative Dispute Resolution is responsible for developing it. Gambling addiction can be cured with the help of BetBlocker, a free tool. There are approximately 13613 gambling websites you can halt at once. You can also use BetBlocker’s Parental Controls setting to restrict access to gambling services including other websites for children with a password in order to prevent them from logging on. Gambling Self-Restriction can only be ended when the period for which it was implemented has ended. You can extend the length of your Gambling Self-Restriction at any time while it is active in BetBlocker. In addition to helping problem gamblers curb their gambling activity, the company provides parents with a tool that allows them to seize control of the websites their children access online.


NetNanny protects your family from harmful content by monitoring their digital habits. As advertised by NetNanny, with TouchTime’s control over screen time limits, managing screen time becomes a breeze with this software. NetNanny helps you keep your family’s browsing on the websafe by providing powerful content filtering. Net Nanny currently includes Zift as part of its latest product offering, making your Zift account a part of the world’s most trusted parental control service. If you are willing to curb your gambling urgencies then NetNanny is without a doubt amongst the ones to try out.

Cold Turkey

As per the lines of campaigning Cold Turkey is here to enhance your productivity and gain back your productivity time, blocking websites, games, and applications. As soon as the Cold Turkey Blocker locks, it is almost impossible to get rid of the block. Exceptions may include a few independent casino platforms and some applications, but you can pretty much block anything else. Using NetNanny neither your settings nor your statistics are stored on the internet; everything you block with concrete conviction remains private. And here’s the best thing, you only have to buy NetNanny products once for long-term productivity. Your lifetime updates are also free for all computers you personally own. You need just one product key for everyone you own.


A Swedish gambling authority initiative offers free assistance, which is called SpelPaus. In Sweden, SpelPaus is the national self-exclusion program. With an estimated population of 58,000 in Sweden, SpelPaus is a service maintained by the Swedish Gaming Authority. This program works to promote gambling addicts’ right to treatment and is approved by The National Health and Welfare. It is important to keep in mind that a service like SpelPaus can only help you abstain from gambling if you register with the Swedish Gambling Authority, rather than using gaming companies that have a Swedish gaming license. it cannot work for casino websites with no Swedish license.

Gabmling Blockers FAQ

πŸ“ What is a gambling blocker?

A gambling blocker is an application that is designed to help you remain aloof from any sort of online gambling. It helps you be more disciplined, and save time as well as money.

πŸ“ What is the working principle of gambling blockers?

The working principle of any gambling blocker is pretty simple. You select a time period for which you want to exclude yourself from gambling while signing up, and the rest is taken care of by the gambling blocker that you use. Gambling blockers track websites and other online platforms that allow online gambling and just simply block your ways to access them any further.

πŸ“ For which countries do gambling blockers work?

There are different gambling blockers that operate in different countries. To use certain gambling blockers, you have to pay but there are other schemes as well maintained solely by the government and hence offer services free of cost. In the UK GamStop is quite popular.

πŸ“ What blocker do you recommend?

We recommend you to use GamStop if you reside in the UK.

πŸ“ Do I need to pay to use gambling blockers?

Mostly, yes, but there are other schemes carried out by the government and can be obtained for free, for example, GamStop in the UK.

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