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How to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion?

how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion

Author: Bradley Oliva, Ph.D. and Jack Reeve

Would you like to get around GamStop scheme? GamStop can be easily bypassed by creating accounts at gambling operators without this self-exclusion program. With these casinos and bookmakers, you can bypass the exclusion period and gamble when on GamStop straight away. Continue reading this guide at to find more details as it’s impossible to cancel GamStop in a direct way.

If this option to avoid GamStop is not for you, you can scroll down and find other ways around GamStop that aren’t so common. Our team gas many options for you including VPN services, casinos where you can gamble when on GamStop, land-based venues, ID tricks, and a lot more! Everything you need to beat and get past the British scheme is featured below.

Easiest Ways to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion

There are 10+ options to avoid self-exclusion for UK players. They are simple and easy to do. Check all the ways to get around GamStop:

  1. Join Gambling Sites Without GamStop
  2. Create Account Using Your Parner’s ID
  3. Visit Land-Based Casinos and Betting Shops
  4. Gamble at Crypto-Only Brands
  5. Wait When GamStop Exclusion is Over
  6. Set Up a Shared Gaming Account
  7. Find UKGC Companies Outside GamStop
  8. Register at Offshore U.S. Operators

Top Gambling Sites that Bypass GamStop

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  • 💰 Fastest Payouts
  • ➡️ Disclosure
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  • £20 Min. Deposit
  • Multiple Payment Options
MyStake Casino150% Up to £200
  • £20 Min. Deposit
  • GamStop Exempt Brand
  • Sports Bets & Casino
Lucky Manor Casino100 Extra Spins on Top Up
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  • Crypto Accepted
Check All Non GamStop Casinos

The Process of Getting Around GamStop

getting around GamStop self-exclusion

There are 8 ways to bypass GamStop scheme for the UK players. It takes only 5-10 min to choose any of these steps and get back to the online gambling journey.

Check the guide on how to get around GamStop self-exclusion scheme:

  • Things Needed:
  • 📱 Your Smartphone
  • 💳 Available Funds

1. Bypass Using Non-GamStop Gambling Sites

bypass using sites not on Gamstop

Joining non GamStop sites is one of the simplest ways of avoiding the Gamstop scheme in the United Kingdom. There you can place sports bets, play casino games and receive better bonuses that UKGC operators can’t afford according to high taxes.

Check option available for GamStop registered players:

  1. Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop
  2. Online Casinos Not on GamStop
  3. Poker Sites Not on GamStop
  4. Bingo Sites Not on GamStop

2. Gamble Without Verification

gamble without verification

Another option is to sign up at no verification casinos that allow gamblers to get around GamStop. These no ID casino sites allow you to gamble without any documents. For self-excluded gamblers, this means that they can continue playing even while being registered at Gamstop self-exclusion scheme and the system won’t find your name in the database

3. Use Crypto to Get Round GamStop Exclusion

use crypto to get round GamStop exclusion

Cryptocurrency online casinos are becoming more popular in today’s online gambling industry and allow Gamstop gamblers to avoid self-exclusion. These gambling operators don’t need KYC documents, bank statements and self-exclusion profiles. The only thing you need is a crypto wallet and some coins inside.

4. Get Past GamStop Scheme with Another Account

get past GamStop with 2nd account

Another simple way of getting around the Gamstop scheme is simply using your couple’s details to register on any of the brands. By this, Gamstop may not be aware that you have an account with them and at the same time you are still gambling. The details shall clearly indicate that a different person is gambling and your identity will not be realized at all.

5. Gamble at Land-Based Venues When on GamStop

gamble at offline spots when on GamStop

Though this sounds more tedious compared to the previous methods, it still shall offer a solution if you really need to gamble. The offline casinos are tied to ‘SENSE’ self-exclusion scheme and aren’t on Gamstop. So just have a walk to the nearest land-based casino to bypass Gamstop.

6. Wait When Your GamStop Self-Exclusion Period Ends

wait when Gamstop Ends

Being patient is the following option the punter can rely on to get past GamStop. The UK self-exclusion offers 6 months, 1 year and 5 year exclusion periods. So just check how much time is left. Sometimes it’s worth to wait!

7. Use VPN to Beat GamStop

use VPN to beat GamStop

This is a relatively new way of getting around Gamstop self-exclusion and a viable one. If you use a suitable VPN, many roadblocks can easily be bypassed. This way, you can spoof your geolocation and access any gambling site that blocks your country. Numerous non-UK licensed casinos become instantly available. And many of them allow online gambling via VPN.

8. Avoid GamStop with Shared Account

avoid GamStop using shared account

The last method is to use the help of your friend to bypass GamStop self-exclusion. You could ask your friend to share an account and use it for both of you. Another benefit of this option is that your mate could control gambling activity to prevent compulsive behaviour. It is known that Gamstop has its own problems and additional help of buddy that could look after your game will be the most profitable advantage.

Gambling with GamStop: For and Against

Getting Around GamStop: Overview
🔥 Number of Ways Around GamStop 8+
🔥 UK Self-Exclusion Scheme GamStop
🔥 Country United Kingdom
🔥 Top Way to Bypass GamStop Non Gamstop Sites
🔥 Best Casino To Get Around GamStop Goldenbet Casino

The Gamstop program is excellent support if you have gambling issues and wish to limit your presence at online casinos. Depending on your gaming style and habits, the scheme can be beneficial or overly restrictive. Consider getting past Gamstop exclusion if you believe that you're able to control your gambling impulses. Otherwise, remain at Gamstop for as long as possible.

Bypassing Gamstop UK: Benefits

pros of bypassing GamStop for UK players

The only official way to get round Gamstop straightforwardly is to wait for the self-exclusion time to expire. Reversing Gamstop has many upsides if you can control your urges. Anyway, the reversion bears certain downsides, too. The good news is that whatever you choose, there are still plenty of online casinos that'll do the trick for you.

Chance to find exotic brands

Once you decide to leave the Gamstop platform, your gambling opportunities will rocket to the sky. Many foreign casino sites will become instantly available for you to give them a go. You'll have no limits to access exceptional online casinos.

Additional income if you gamble for a living

Gambling with Gamstop can come in handy if you earn money online. Some of the best casinos with higher payout rates aren’t on Gamstop. So, if you abandon the scheme, income from gambling can increase.

Getting Past Gamstop: Drawbacks

cons of getting past GamStop

You want to get past Gamstop permanently? That’s great, but do you know what are the disadvantages? Never rush the decision since consequences have a significant impact and are long-lasting. Always ask yourself why you should avoid Gamstop reversal first. If you have plausible reasons for it, don't hesitate to continue with Gamstop.

Getting back to addiction

The worse thing that can happen to punters is getting back to the old ways they wanted to avoid. To get around GamStop for many players means they eagerly wait to gamble with the same passion and frequency as before.

Increasing your debt (if you have one)

If you end exclusion from Gamstop, the possibility to get another short or long-term loan is quite probable. The worst comes if this is not your first loan. Getting your balance back at zero will seem like a never-reaching target.

Important Note: Our team has prepared this article on how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion only for information purposes. We recommend to follow these ways only in case if registering with Gamstop was a spontaneous decision. If you feel uncertain, follow this quiz that will identify whether you have a gambling addiction or not!

How To Get Around Internal Self-Exclusion of UK Casinos?

There are some brands that provide their own self-exclusion. This means that you can block yourself from gambling at a particular casino site. In this case, you do not need to search for GamStop avoiding ways as internal self-exclusion is a different thing. It's also hard to bypass these schemes so we've written dedicated articles for each brand:

📛 Getting Around Gamstop FAQ

💡 Is there a way around Gamstop?

Yes, there are 8 ways on how to bypass Gamstop. All of them have been described in great detail in the article above. So, now that you're aware you have multiple ways to avoid Gamstop, have fun gambling. Have a go and choose any casino listed here.

🎲 How to gamble with Gamstop?

The good news is that you can still gamble even when on Gamstop. You can find new independent casinos that have ways to get around the Gamstop network required by the UKGC. Or check the lists of online casinos that don't cooperate with Gamstop.

🔙 Can I get round Gamstop in any official way?

There is no simple way to avoid the GamStop self-exclusion period once you have signed up and finished the registration process. The only option left to you is simply to wait until the agreed period elapses before resuming your gambling calendar. To continue enjoying gambling-related services you will be forced to choose the non GamStop casino sites which can still allow you to gamble.

💯 Do these ways work 100%?

Ultimately the ways work 100 % and have been seen solving many problems which may have been brought about as a result of compulsive gambling. To avoid Gamstop from denying you a chance of enjoying the ever-interesting gambling activities may not be easy but you will be requested to choose among the above-listed ways of getting rid of Gamstop restrictions.

🆔 Will Gamstop work if I change my name/address?

No, it won’t! Unfortunately, your account may be put to suspension for security reasons as Gamstop is able to capture your details and store it in its database. This makes it hard to alter the details which are saved once and cannot be changed.

😞 What if any of these ways doesn’t fit me?

That could be so unfortunate for you but you shall be forced to try to follow the rules of this scheme until the end of your timeframe.

⌛ How long does Gamstop last?

When registering with Gamstop, the scheme gives you several options to choose from. The minimum limit for self-excluding is six months. It will be more challenging to find ways on how to stop Gamstop if you choose one or five years. Additionally, you can set restrictions for specific sites.

📅 Gamstop expired. What to do?

You have two options to consider. One is to proceed with the exclusion for another period of your liking. The other option you have at disposal is to leave the scheme and play. Either way, you’ll have to contact support according to "Terms of Use" to get out of Gamstop or continue exclusion.

📌 Will I face problems after Gamstop expiration?

Some former Gamstop users admit that they could not gamble at casinos after self-exclusion expiration. These problems after Gamstop ends occur because of improper connections of Gamstop and casino operators. Even after your GamStop exclusion is finished, some gambling sites may receive information from Gamstop that you have to be banned from playing.

❓ What to do if gambling is still forbidden after Gamstop ends?

In this case you have two options. First, try to contact Gamstop support and resolve this problem from their side. The disadvantage of this method is that may take a lot of time to solve the issue and continue gambling at UKGC sites. Second option is to gamble at casinos that provide the way around Gamstop. It will take no time to continue spinning slots but you may lose the protection of UKGC.

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